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Emmanuel V. Mar 5, 2012 - 9:50 AM


In my application, I’m using a CExtGridCellSystemNumber in a CExtPropertyGridCtrl. I set a range m_pCell->RangeSet(0.0, 1.0) to the cell, but when I enter a value out of range, the cell is flicking and the application is frozen for about 10 secondes ! I already used this outside a PropertyGrid. Is it a bug specific to the PropertyGrid ?


Emmanuel V. Mar 12, 2012 - 2:22 AM


I tried also with your sample, and I got the same strange behavior : in the cell, erase previous value and type "10000". When the fourth 0 is typed, the value seems corrected to something like "10e0" many times, and then corrected to "10000" (max is 1000). It is finally corrected to "1000" when focus is loosed. It’s faster than in my application : in your sample the value is switching for 1 second, in my application it took 10 seconds.

If it can help you : I’m using VisualStudio 6.0, with Prof-UIS v2.92, on Windows 7 32bits, french language. I compiled with your sample modified according to your previous message. No other modification.


Technical Support Mar 8, 2012 - 6:25 AM

We added the following code to the end of the CStarButton::GetPropertyStore() method in the PropertyGrid sample application:

. . .

CExtPropertyValue * pValSystemNumber = new CExtPropertyValue( _T("System Number") );
    pValSystemNumber->NameSet( _T("System Number") );
    pValSystemNumber->DescriptionSet( _T("System Number.") );
CExtGridCellSystemNumber * pCellSystemNumber = STATIC_DOWNCAST( CExtGridCellSystemNumber, pValSystemNumber->ValueDefaultGetByRTC( RUNTIME_CLASS( CExtGridCellSystemNumber ) ) );
    pCellSystemNumber->LongDoubleSet( ((long double)::rand()) + ((long double)::rand())/1000 );
pCellSystemNumber->RangeSet( 0.0, 1000.0 );
    pCategoryMisc->ItemInsert( pValSystemNumber );

    return m_pPS;

This made each star button displaying a CExtGridCellSystemNumber cell in its properties. But we didn’t notice any lags.