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Offer Har Apr 24, 2009 - 7:41 AM

Dear Support,

When we have a CExtGridCellComboBox with many items, we see three problems:

1.  If there is not enough space to drop down the list, because it’s so big, it will open in the wrong place.

2. If there are many long items in it, it will occupy all the sceen.

3. Sometimes there is a black rectangle at the bottom of the list, if there is a scroll-bar for the list, and there is a place to show only ’half’ item it will fill it with a black rectangle.

Which of these issues are you familiar with? Will they be fixed for the next version? When is the next version supposed to be relesed?

Is there any way to have a resizaeable drop list?



Technical Support Apr 24, 2009 - 12:19 PM

The popup list box menus displayed by grid cells and built in text field buttons in toolbars, menus and ribbons are improved in Prof-UIS 2.85. Now these popup list boxes are measured automatically before they displayed on the screen. The new CExtGridCell::OnPopupListBoxQueryMaxSize() virtual method limits the maximal sizes of popup list box menus. As a result, the list box of the combo box cell will be completely under tje cell or over it depending on where the available space is larger.
The black rectangle at the bottom issue looks like new. We need more details about how to reproduce it without occasional happy cases.
The popup menu supports the TPMX_RIBBON_RESIZING and TPMX_RIBBON_RESIZING_VERTICAL_ONLY flags. They are used by resizable gallery popup menus displayed by ribbon galleries. This style makes resizable any other menus and displays resizing area at the bottom side of the menu like it’s in the ribbon gallery menus, but not all the menus are supporting automatic layout recalculation on resizing. We need to check this additionally for popup list box menus. In the simple case you should overrode the CExtGridCell::OnButtonPopupMenuTrack() virtual method, copy source code from the original method and add the TPMX_RIBBON_RESIZING flag or TPMX_RIBBON_RESIZING|TPMX_RIBBON_RESIZING_VERTICAL_ONLY flags into invocation of the CExtPopupMenuWnd::TrackPopupMenu() method.