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Art Poley Dec 20, 2012 - 2:19 PM


We’ve recently begun integrating context sensitive help into our application which also uses the Prof-UIS toolkit.  I’ve encountered an issue that I’m also experiencing within your ProfStudio sample application. 

1. Perform a Shift + F1 within the application to initiate context sensitive help mode.

2. Note the cursor changes into the Arrow with a Question mark.

3. Proceed up to the menu bar and display any menu within the menu bar, but do not select any menu item.

4. ESCape out of the menu(s).

5. Attempt to ESCape out of context sensitive help.  You can’t.  You are now stuck in help mode with the GUI exhibiting behavior not related to help mode.  For example, being able to click in the Command Window of the ProfStudio application and type.

6. In this ’odd’ help mode, you must select something (like in a toolbar) to end help.

Please note that your DrawCLi example does not exhibit this behavior.

I’ve also noticed that depending on the paint manager being used, context sensitive help doesn’t work at all with regards to the menu bar menus!

I’m hopeful that you might be able to tell me why context sensitive help works in one of your examples, but not the other.

Any help that you can lend towards finding a solution to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

We are running the latest Prof-UIS DLLs (version 2.93).

Thanks in advance,

*** Art ***