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Tom Brophy Oct 17, 2016 - 10:40 AM

I have sent two emails to support and have gotten no replies at all :-( Is this product even still active and viable????? No support help at all :-( ?????

Here is what I sent Friday morning (other email a couple of weeks ago). No replies at all :-(

------------------------------------------------------------------- EMAIL -------------------------------------------------------
I had sent an email a few weeks ago and never saw a reply (perhaps got put in my trash). I currently am using Visual Studio 10 and have used the Elegant Ribbon for a long time.

We are now doing the Elegant Grid in a new project but am having issues because using a newer version of grid (trial version now but will definitely buy it) but the older version of Ribbon (and I can see the elegant.ui.common is the older version so I get some errors in the grid; and if I point to the newer version of elegant.ui.common then I get different errors for the ribbon). I know I just need to update the Elegant Ribbon to the newer version and I assume both will use the same version of elegant.ui.common.dll. However, my question was requesting the steps to do this and never saw a reply. I downloaded the latest version and it’s telling me I have to uninstall the older version of ribbon and I saw one comment in your forum that a person did this and then it went to the trial version instead of the licensed version. I just want to avoid this problem since we have already purchased Ribbon.

I would appreciate getting the steps to do this and anything I need to do with existing programs that use the older version of Ribbon.