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Jiří Konečný Aug 20, 2013 - 4:54 AM

Hi if you can please help me.
I created combobox as color picker it works well in dropdown list but when I select something then only a string is shown (not the colors). I tried to use images but the problem was the same.

Items are normal strings with color names

public void FillDraw()

and I’m using DrawItem event like this:

protected void comboBox1_DrawItem(object sender, Elegant.Ui.DrawComboBoxItemEventArgs e)
Graphics g = e.Graphics;
Rectangle rect = e.Bounds;

if (e.ItemIndex < 0)

string col = ((Elegant.Ui.ComboBox)sender).Items[e.ItemIndex].ToString();
Font f = new Font("Arial", 9.75f, FontStyle.Regular);

if (e.IsSelected)

if (e.ItemIndex >= 0)
Color c = Color.FromName(col);
Brush b = new SolidBrush(c);
Pen p = new Pen(Color.Black);
g.DrawString(col, f, Brushes.Black, rect.X, rect.Top);
g.FillRectangle(b, rect.X + 50, rect.Y + 2, rect.Width - 20, rect.Height - 4);
g.DrawRectangle(p, rect.X + 50, rect.Y + 2, rect.Width - 20, rect.Height - 4);

I changed ComboBox properties DrawMode to OwnerDrawFixed and Editable to False.

Thank you for reply.

Jiří Konečný Aug 20, 2013 - 5:08 AM

Image version now working correctly (I forget to set SelectedImageSize) but if someone know how to draw items directly it will be better for my solution.