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Brandon Frye Oct 8, 2008 - 1:20 PM

I am adding buttons to a popup at runtime (baseds on available items in a collection). I want to include the name of an item, as well as a brief description about the item. Here is my code (roughly...)

         Elegant.Ui.Button button = new Elegant.Ui.Button()

         button.Text = "Text";

         button.DescriptionText = "description";

         button.DefaultSmallImage = Properties.Resources.FilterChainSmall;

         button.DefaultLargeImage = Properties.Resources.FilterChainLarge;


         button.InformativenessFixedLevel = "Elegant.Ui.ApplicationMenuButtonInformativenessLevel:LargeWithDescription";


However - the fixed informative level does not stick. button.InformativeNess is null... I have a workaround - I attach tot eh event IsPopupOpenChanged and do the work there. But there is a noticeable flash as they change. I tried IsPopupOpenChanging but that has no effect either. I have also tried setting the informativeness before adding it to the items collection. Please help!


Technical Support Oct 14, 2008 - 4:49 AM

The informativeness types depend on context where a particular control is used. In your code snippet you are using a button that is supposed to be placed in the application menu. But it seems that you mean a popup menu here. So, just replace

button.InformativenessFixedLevel = "Elegant.Ui.ApplicationMenuButtonInformativenessLevel:LargeWithDescription";
button.InformativenessFixedLevel = "Elegant.Ui.PopupMenuButtonInformativenessLevel:LargeWithDescription";