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SALEM, New Hampshire -- September 25, 2003 – Foss Software, an industry leader in developing graphical user interface components, announced today that it released a new version of its flagship product, Prof-UIS 2.23. This newest release has a number of new features, which should give national and international customers even more power in creating up-to-date and robust GUI. In new Prof-UIS 2.23, developers get a complete set of classes to provide their applications with fully customizable toolbars, menus and keyboard accelerators like in latest Microsoft products including Options page for the Customize form, consistent resizable combo/edit fields in toolbars and menus, and the Add/Remove Buttons menu. A completely renewed Integration Wizard allows the user to easily build required library configurations, set library paths, add Application Wizard to Microsoft Visual Studio and integrate renewed Prof-UIS Help with MSDN. The wizard itself was made with Prof-UIS, which is one more sample of how the library can be used. Prof-UIS is now available in German, Polish, Russian and Swedish. The trial, which is a debug version of the commercial, can be downloaded at Availability of the freeware version of Prof-UIS makes the library popular for educational and non-commercial projects. Prof-UIS 2.22 FREEWARE, which was also released today, can be downloaded with full source code for any personal and non-commercial use for absolutely free. "Our goal is to not only provide GUI developers with the best possible tools, but also to show how to use them in practice. For this reason, the programmer can always find an abundance of samples, articles and FAQ at our website, as well as get thorough answers from our experts in the Forums section", said Vladimir Nekrachevitch, CEO of Foss Software. Foss Software has been successfully developing and offering custom software solutions and GUI libraries since 2000.
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