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Michael chang Mar 2, 2012 - 6:09 PM


I’m implementing a Myskinable project like your skinable sample project using 2.87 library & VS2008. My application have several tabs. i need to change tab status enable to disalbe or disable to enable. But, It is not working properly.

Question 1. So, I add below code but it is not working. what’s problem?

//class CExtUITabWnd : public CExtTabWnd  

//CExtUITabWnd  m_wndMdiTabs;

   m_wndMdiTabs.ItemEnabledSet(1, false, TRUE);

   m_wndMdiTabs.ItemEnabledSet(2, false, TRUE);

   m_wndMdiTabs.ItemEnabledSet(3, false, TRUE);


Question 2. How to remove a caption of CExtDynamicControl bar dynamically.

My point is, I need a show/hide a caption(title bar) of CExtDynamicControlbar like your full screen state sample. 

Technical Support Mar 4, 2012 - 1:03 PM

Answer 1. Only OneNote and Whidbey style tabs support disabled appearance of tab items.

Answer 2. This is not supported explicitly. The caption of control bar can be its window caption or caption of is parent tabbed bar window or caption of auto hide slider window or floating mini frame window caption. It just looks like the same caption. Control bars cannot be re-docked by used if they have no caption. The only reason to create caption-less bars is to use bars instead of splitters for creating complex splitter like window layouts with hide-able parts and UI state persistence. If you are using control bars instead of splitters, then you should simply create them using the CExtControlBar::Create() method invoked without the CBRS_GRIPPER style.