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Chris Mason Apr 17, 2008 - 8:31 AM



A couple of questions:


1) We have a CExtToolControlBar derived class where we have overriden OnQueryMultiRowLayout, in order to get our buttons to be displayed in 2 columns. This works fine, however, when the toolbar is made wider the buttons always seem to stay nearest to the right hand edge of the toolbar. Is there a way in which these buttons can be made to stay at the relative centre of the toolbar, regardless of how wide it is?


2) The above toolbars are placed inside a CExtPageContainerWnd, using the relevant Prof-UIS sample as a guide to doing this. Is it possible to add a scrollbar to either the PageContainer or the toolbar, instead of having to use a class such as CExtShortcutListWnd?



Technical Support Apr 18, 2008 - 1:19 PM

The following sample application demonstrates how to implement a custom layout of buttons in a toolbar.

The CExtPageContainerWnd class can be configured in such a way that it supports multiple expanded pages and if the total size of expanded pages is greater than the size of page container, a scroll bar like area appears in it. Please note it is not a scroll bar. The scrolling of entire layout of pages is based on drag-n-drop. You can start drag-n-drop on a scroll bar like area or on the dialog page area but not on a control in this dialog. If you need scrolling inside some window inserted into the page container, this feature has nothing to do with the CExtPageContainerWnd control. You should use any appropriate control with scrolling support as a page window inside the page container.