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Andrej Kasa Nov 10, 2006 - 3:43 PM


I have been using ProfUIS 2.40 for a longer time. So far I used from ProfUIS library only toolbar and status bar and everything was working fine. Recently I have observed on this site the amazing graphical appearance of the new skin themes like CExtPaintManagerOffice2007_R2_LunaBlue and the other new used (based on Windows Vista look). Therefore I upgraded the ProfUIS to versin 2.61 so I could use these new themes. However, since I have already my application in a progressive state I can not build it from scratch using the wizards (as well I do not own a full license yet so I use the freeware version with no visual studio wizards). Can you please tell me what I need to modify in my current app so I will get the look of these new themes? If I just call:


in MainFrame constructor or MainFrame OnCreate I always get an assertion with no debug possibility (exception is raised in extpaintmanager.cpp on line 1489:
CObject* pObj = pRtcPaintManager->CreateObject();

Could you please help? What I definetely want to use in the new version is the mainframe window ability to display minimize/maximize/exit in these new Vista look styles and not default winXP anymore - this is the main reason why I upgraded to version 2.61. I already changed my MainFrm.h class to inherit from CExtNCW < CFrameWnd > instead of CFrameWnd (my app is SDI based) but it looks it is not enough. The strange this is that the old styles (that were available already in 2.40 are working fine without any problems).

So, I would just need to know what are the minimum code changed needed so I can in my standing application use these new themes in a main frame window.

thanks for any help!


Andrej Kasa Nov 11, 2006 - 4:42 PM

Hello Suhai,

I already found out that I had to add the #include <Resources/Resource.rc> sequence to my .rc2 file. After that everything is working fine.

Thank you for your assistance!


Suhai Gyorgy Nov 11, 2006 - 1:18 PM

I’d guess you are missing the resources needed for those new themes. Check the FAQ
How to link statically with Prof-UIS?