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Douglas Hoppes Jan 3, 2008 - 2:05 PM

Hi all,

Using the CExtGridCellInplaceSlider in my grid cell, how do I get the current value of the slider as you are sliding the control. In addition, is there a way to change the range of the values (i.e. to go from 20 to 200 (in increments of 10), rather than 0 to 100 and modify the returning value)?


Technical Support Jan 5, 2008 - 12:37 PM

You can use your own CExtGridCellInplaceSlider-derived grid cell class and override the CExtGridCellInplaceSlider::OnScrollPosSet() virtual method in it or can use your own grid control class and override the CExtGridWnd::OnGridCellInputComplete() virtual method in it. Both options should allow you to catch when the slider position changes. The CExtGridCellInplaceSlider::ScrollTotalRangeSet() method allows you to set the scroll range which is always zero based. If you need values in the range of 20 to 200, than you should set the scroll range to 180 and shift scroll values to 20 in your code before using the scroll position. The CExtGridCellInplaceSlider cell works like the scroll bar common control and supports the scrolling page size (CExtGridCellInplaceSlider::ScrollPageSizeSet()) which is used in decrementing/incrementing the scrolling position (CExtGridCellInplaceSlider::ScrollPosGet()) when you click the left/right side of the thumb button.