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Yang Richard Aug 21, 2008 - 2:04 AM

Hi Tech-Support,

In our company product, we create some customize menuitems with CExtPopupMenuWnd in OnExtMenuPrepare(), The code is like as below :

CExtPopupMenuWnd::MsgPrepareMenuData_t *pData = reinterpret_cast < CExtPopupMenuWnd::MsgPrepareMenuData_t *> (wParam);

ASSERT(pData != NULL);

CExtPopupMenuWnd *pPopup = pData->m_pPopup;

ASSERT(pPopup != NULL);

INT nItemPos = 0;

INT nNewPos = -1;

if (m_uLocatePosId != 0)  //m_uLocatePosId is a special insert position


    nItemPos = pPopup->ItemFindPosForCmdID(m_uLocatePosId);

    if (nItemPos > 0)


         nNewPos = nItemPos;


    if (nNewPos > 0)


        VERIFY(g_CmdManager->UpdateFromMenu(AfxGetApp()->m_pszProfileName, IDR_XX_MENU);

        if (pPopup->ItemGetCount() - 1 <= nNewPos || pPopup->ItemGetPopup(nNewPos) == NULL)


             CExtPopupMenuWnd* pXXMenu = new CEXtPopupMenuWnd();

             pXXMenu->LoadMenu(this->GetSafeWnd(), IDR_XX_MENU);

             char buf[MAX_SIZE] = "\0";

             LoadString(GetAppFrameInstance(), IDS_XX_MENU, buf, MAX_SIZE);

             VERIFY(pPopup->ItemInsertSpecPopup(pXXMenu, nNewPos+1, buf));



The problem is when I click the menuitem, I can’t see the check status of the menuitem. (I have implemented the OnUpdateMenu for the menuitem)

The OnUpdateMenu is like as below:

void CXXWnd::OnUpdateMenu(CCmdUI* pCmdUI)





I would appreciate it if you can give me some help.

Technical Support Aug 21, 2008 - 1:31 PM

If the CXXWnd::OnUpdateMenu() method is bound to some menu command item which has exactly the same identifier as used in the message map entry for the CXXWnd::OnUpdateMenu() method, the you should see check mark. You can check this by setting break point to the CXXWnd::OnUpdateMenu() method and it should be invoked. Please check additionally the following:

-- If the OnExtMenuPrepare() handler method modifies popup menu, then it MUST invoke the pData->m_bMenuChanged = true; code which will inform the popup menu about menu layout changing and make it re-updating menu commands.</li>
--Of course, you should check all the command routes in your project are working correctly.</li>